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Submittal Sheet, Installation & Operation Manuals For LA-180HSV5 LAN-180HSV5 LSU-180HSV5

Currently no manuals available for this product. Please check product description or call our sales support team if you have any further queries.

How to choose the right Ductless Mini Split AC, will LA-180HSV5 LAN-180HSV5 LSU-180HSV5 work for me?

Use our automated tool that will help determine btu's need based on size and other variable factors that effect heating and cooling of a room.

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What would it cost to repair LA-180HSV5 LAN-180HSV5 LSU-180HSV5

If you are looking for HVAC Repair Tech & AC Contractors that serve in and around Cathedral City for repair and services, here are some experienced professionals in your neighborhood:

Average cost to repair LA-180HSV5 LAN-180HSV5 LSU-180HSV5 - RV Air Conditioner Units :

Depending on the issue you are having with LA-180HSV5 LAN-180HSV5 LSU-180HSV5 (whether its low on refrigerant or if the compressor quit working for example), it can range from $50 service call to $500 on repair cost.

Typical cost to install LA-180HSV5 LAN-180HSV5 LSU-180HSV5 - HVAC AC And Heaters :

Based on your geographical location and depending upon how many contractors in town are competing for your job, this can typically range from $500- $1100 per room basis.

Cost of Maintenance for LA-180HSV5 LAN-180HSV5 LSU-180HSV5 :

Typically maintenance cost on LA-180HSV5 LAN-180HSV5 LSU-180HSV5 is minimal, it may only need cleaning on monthly basis. Unless you need air filters that can range from $10-$100 in some cases depending upon brand and availibility.

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Product Reviews On LA-180HSV5 LAN-180HSV5 LSU-180HSV5


8,922 Reviews
4.6 out of 5 stars

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5-star Great Price,quality Unit Aug 02, 2016

This was my first time installing a Goodman furnace and I was pleasantly surprised. Installation went well & the furnace was good quality.

5-star Fabulous Design Dec 19, 2016

Very simple and sleek design. Does a great job of heating my 350 sq ft office.

5-star Product Cost Sep 22, 2016

Love the Schluter products. I have used the Kerdi llner for years and attended a technical training in VA. Have learned that the 32"x60" Shower Kit is available from my local Home Depot for $499 + tax. Free shipping is nice but I'm at the home improvement stores every day. Probably won't buy on-line again unless the pricing is lowered. Thanks for the opportunity to review

Russell Atkins
5-star Executive Director Sep 28, 2016

My business has been using this brand of fan for years. After ten years we finally had one that was starting to go out. Finding the brand of fan was easy with eComfort. I actually called and got an answer right away and was not on hold for very long. We originally bought the wrong size, but returning the fan was a very easy process. I am very happy I stumbled across this site.

5-star Easy To Install Nov 10, 2016

It ran quietly.

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